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Tradition inspired products, made with passion

A family cheese factory in the heart of the Cyclades, produces unique products with a long tradition.


Discover Tyrosyra

A cheese factory guided by tradition and inspiration from Syros

With deep knowledge, respect and love for the tradition of the place, a small group of milk producers decides to save the traditional recipes and methods of making cheese and to continue supporting their activity. Specifically in 2013, in the settlement of Vissa of Syros, TYROSYRA TYROKOMIKI is founded

Meet Lily

Our Products

009 Σαν Μιχάλη.jpg

Saint Michalis 
PDO of Syros

018 Κοπανιστή.jpg

Kopanisti PDO Cyclades cheese

010 Φραγκοσυριανή.jpg


They tasted our cheeses and wrote about us



"It has a balanced sweetness and salinity, alternating that comes and goes until the bite goes down"

From  Nena Dimitriou

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