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San Michali is regarded as one of the most emblematic and delicious cheeses in Greece and worldwide.


San Michali is a PDO cheese, which means it is made from pasteurized Syros' cow's milk that is gathered under very stringent conditions from chosen herds of cows on the island that bond their scents and contribute them to the milk by ingesting the plants that grow in the dry soil of the area.

Perhaps the most significant secret is buried in the ripening period, which lasts between 4 and 8 months. It has a golden skin, a firm bulk, irregular holes, and a crumbly cut like parmesan. This cheese has a firm texture, unrivaled flavor complexity, and an amazing combination of saltiness and sweetness, while its length is outstanding and leads to a very delectable aftertaste.



009 Σαν Μιχάλη.jpg

Serving Suggestion

Several pages of recipes uisng San Michali cheese have been created, including pies, saganaki, spaghetti, stuffed meats, and many more delectable concoctions. However, maybe the finest way to eat San Michali is simple, with jams and chutneys and multigrain breadsticks

It may be paired with a fine Merlot, but the wine that will truly elevate San Michali is a vintage Champagne!

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