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A family cheese factory in the heart of the Cyclades

Cheese farming in Syros

Syros, one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, is located in the heart of the Cyclades and has about 20,000 inhabitants. The history of the island in relation to cheese production goes far back in time. In 1500 AD The catholic leaders of the island brought dairy cows from Italy and began to produce the first cow cheese in Greece. So, the locals first started to get acquainted with the art of cheese.


Over the centuries, a culture based on the production of dairy products known throughout the country and abroad has evolved and developed on the island.


Our cheese factory

With deep knowledge, respect and love for the tradition of the place, a small group of milk producers decides to save the traditional recipes and methods of making cheeses and to continue supporting their activity. Specifically, in 2013, in the settlement of Vissas in Syros, TYROSYRA TYROKOMIKI was founded.

In the modern facilities of the unit, in which the HACCP system is applied, a range of products is produced, PDO and not, exclusively from Syros' milk, maintaining the high quality and the traditional values.


With lime passion, maintaining the flame of creation, the people of  Tyrosyra make for you tastes that will remind you of something from (traditional) Greece.

From the raw material to the final product, the experience of cheese production in our unit is a personal matter

Our dairy farmers    


Our cheesemakers

Our people, who contributed to the creation of Tyrosyra and as mentors today lead the new generation of cheesemakers


Iosif Rigoutsos


Antonis Perris


Pantelis Rigoutsos


Aloisios Sargologos

The new generation of Tyrosyra that with love and passion continues the tradition and creates unique cheese products


Markos Perris


Nikos Rigoutsos


Giannis Perris


Pantelis Rigoutsos


Giorgos Voutsinos

For us, the revival and continuation of the tradition is of great importance 

San Michalis cheese (PDO Syros) is proof of this.

San Michalis, one of the most emblematic and exquisite cheeses in Greece and beyond. San Michalis is a PDO cheese, which means that it is produced from pasteurized Syrian cow's milk which is collected, under very strict conditions, from selected herds of cows on the island that by consuming the herbs that grow in the arid soil of the place, bind their aromas and they add them to the milk. Perhaps its most important secret lies in the time of maturation,  which lasts from 4 to 8 months. It has a golden skin, its mass is solid, with irregular holes and a crumbly cut like parmesan. This cheese is characterized by a solid texture, unparalleled taste complexity, enviable balance between saltiness and sweetness, while its duration is impressive and leads to a really delicious aftertaste.



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