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Frangosyriani, a highly unique cheese made primarily of cow's milk with a small amount of goat's and sheep's milk, is manufactured in small amounts.


In ideal conditions, gruyere matures for at least three months, according to the traditional recipe, and it may be found on the shelves in an aged state of up to 8 months. It develops strong fragrances and crystallization throughout the ripening process. During that time, it develops rich smells, crystallizations, and its distinct flavor. It's a gruyere that, as subtle as it is on the nose, expresses itself strongly in the mouth, generously offering a lovely flavor of cream while framing it with earthy flavors of gently toasted almonds.



010 Φραγκοσυριανή.jpg

Serving Suggestion

You may eat it grated on homemade pasta, grilled, or pan-fried. It can also be used in a comfort meal. such as soufflé and ograten.

You can accompany it with an elegant Provencal rosé from Xinomavro or a soft and pleasant red Agiorgitiko.

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