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  • Γιώργος Σολάρης

The Tyrosyra Cheese Factory cooked with San Michalis on the ERT show "PDO Cooking"

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

In the new ERT show "POP Cooking" with the renowned chef Manolis Papoutsakis, the Syrian cheese San Michalis and the Head of the TYROSYRA Cheese Factory, Giannis Perris, were hosted.

We remind you that through the show, the Greek food treasures are highlighted, with inspiring and easy recipes, which tastefully take off the viewers of the public television.

So last week the show had a… Syros recipe that won the impressions and the viewers' table.

Through the show one learns about their geographical environment, their history, their course in time. About how they reach our hands from the field or the mitato. Together with producers, agronomists, dietitians-nutritionists, the chef examines the peculiarities, the organoleptic characteristics of the products and their nutritional value.

This time the beloved Chef Manolis Papoutsakis takes action and cooks with excellent PDO and PGI products, handmade noodles with San Michalis and roasted walnuts, Elassona goat reddened in the hull with okra and Marjoram fig salad conical and carob honey vinaigrette.


Let's get to know TYROSYRA

A small group of milk producers founded in 2013 Tyrosyra Tyrokomiki OE. in order to support their activity.

In the modern facilities of the unit, in which the HACCP system is applied, a range of products is produced, exclusively from Syrian milk, maintaining the quality and the traditional values.

The company is a driving force and lever of growth for the rural world of Syros, but also for the economy of the island. With lime taste, maintaining the flame of creation, with consistency and quality, we are sure that the products will remind you of something from Greece.

Regarding the products:

San Michalis cheese PDO Syros


Kopanisti PDO

Sour cheese traditional of Syros

Spicy sour cheese with thyme, oregano and pepper

Kalathouni- mizithra

grated cheese


Xinomyzithra for Sweet cheese pies at Easter


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