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Tyrosyra Cheesemaking - Gastronomos

Έγινε ενημέρωση: 27 Αυγ 2021

I cut a piece from the tight San Michalis, the salty grains remained in his mouth for a few seconds. Very tasty cheese. Undoubtedly, the PDO of Syros stands next to famous parmesan and that of Tyrosyra Tyrokomiki is quite remarkable. It has a balanced sweetness and salinity, alternating that comes and goes until the bite goes down. It can be aged for four months but it comes on the market much later, quite thick and softened by time. In another category, with a slightly sharp and at the same time buttery finish is "Frangosyriani", an aged cow "gruyere", which stays for at least three months in the ripening shop but needs another three until it is sold. Both have an aroma of good milk, as well as a dense and somewhat spicy aftertaste. We prefer them as table wines, next to nice barrel wines, because not some of the ones produced on the island, such as the whites of Nikos Hatzakis from the Syros Winery.

Everything that grows in the same place, combines appropriately, as an English phrase says. Tyrosyra Tyrokomiki, where they are produced, is a small island unit in the settlement of Vissa. The cheese factory, which has been officially operating since 2013, changed the composition of its shareholders a few months ago. Now it processes every day about a ton of cow's milk from the few local producers and with this it produces, in addition to San Michalis and Frangosyriani, various sour cheeses, beaten by PDO Cyclades and a sweet mizithra, the basket as they say, produced from its serum. cow's milk. It is the only one that, due to its fragile composition, is not sent to Athens. New additions to their range are three sour cheeses, one with sun-dried tomato pesto, one with basil pesto and one with garlic and pepper. Pure Xinotyro is also a wonderful cheese, it goes in salads, but I also put it in food, in ravioli, with plenty of pepper and lemon zest, which emphasized its freshness and milky acidity.

Their cheeses can be found in restaurants on the island, such as the Maison de Meze in Ano Syra, Savva in Galissas, Melidron in Poseidonia and some local grocery stores.

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